Polaris RZR Turbo Silicone Charge Tube

$ 150.00

The silicone charge tubes are for RZR Turbo, RZR XP4 Turbo and RZR Turbo S. 

Best RZR Charge and Intake Tubes on the Market!!!


  • Long Service Life - Made from a proprietary construction application, these drop-in silicone charge tubes require no ECU parameter adjustments and have a no-stretch effect under load or vacuum! These hoses are engineered to last the lifetime of your RZR and hold up to any abuse you throw at them!
  • Save $$$ on Repairs! - Through our testing and use on our machines, we have seen very fine dust and sand get passed the clamps on the OEM tubes. That's simply because the plastic tubes do not seal that good to the metal of the turbo and throttle body. These 4-ply tubes will positively seal to the turbo and throttle body and will not have any issues with debris getting in your intake system!
  • Add Throttle Response and Power! - These silicone tubes do not sport that corrugated section like the OEM tubes that disturb air flow and cause turbulence that robs throttle response and power. By offering a 30% air flow increase, with supporting mods and a ECU tune, these silicone tubes will provide an additional 2-3 horsepower over stock! Comes with an added boost port to monitor boost levels!
  • Common Sense 1 Year Warranty - We'll get down to what the warranty covers; As long as you didn't purposely try to blow your tubes up, install it on the wrong UTV, install it incorrectly or have other issues, we will warranty your tubes.


  • 30% flow increase
  • Added Port for Boost Gauge
  • Wont crack or Split due to Heat or High Boost Levels.
  • These Tubes are a must for any RZR Turbo.