We've been making  snowmobile turbo kits for nearly a decade. Somewhere along the line it became clear that no matter how good a kit is, if its not setup properly, it is sure to create a lot of frustration. 

In 2013 we started experimenting with the idea of utilizing the vehicles stock engine control unit (ecu), the computer that controls your engine's electronic fuel injection parameters, as a way to control fueling requirements a turbo demands. 

This wasn't an easy task, and even required building proprietary software that allowed us to tell ("flash") the existing computer how to manage boost. The results were spectacular with thousands of happy customers living the boosted life. We've since added software that allows customers to change their map, much like the modern performance tuners do in the truck/sports car world. You can do this from the comfort of your own shop/garage.  Realize, this is a full performance map installed directly onto your vehicles original computer, no tuner boxes or crude hardware hacks required.

Looking to the future, as the OEMs come out with more factory turbos, our software and process will allow us to further tune these machines beyond their more conservative factory limitations, again, just like the performance tuners in the automotive world. This is reflected in the gains we've found on the Ski-Doo Factory 850 Turbo and we will bring this to the Polaris 850 Factory Turbo as well. For you naturally aspirated guys, we've been able to extract more from those motors as well, simply by changing fueling & timing parameters.

On the summer side of things, we've added performance flashing to a number of other vehicles such as UTVs and TPI 2 stroke dirt bikes with incredibly positive results. End of the day, our decade + of fuel injected tuning experience in the powersports world pays dividend as the continued modernization of these motor & power packages evolves. 

We lean heavily into this technology, and look forward to opening it up to our customers, too.