Polaris RZR PRO XP Big Turbo Upgrade Kit 2020+

$ 2,199.99

Our big turbo kit for the Polaris Pro XP chassis is no Joke, the heart of this kit is our replacement turbocharger. The turbocharger is capable of making over 325HP, has a stainless steel turbine housing, and larger turbine and compressor wheel compared to the factory turbocharger. The package includes our high flow silicone charge tube and intake tube, adjustable clutch kit, and dynojet tuner with multiple power level tunes.


The turbocharger is a direct replacement to the factory unit, simply unbolt your stock one and replace it with the new Silber Turbocharger. Uses all the factory oil and water lines.


91 Octane Tune: Cranks out around 190 WHP

110 Octane Tune: Runs close to 250 WHP, pushing over 25 psi of boost.


Kit includes the following items:

1 Replacement Big Turbocharger

1 Silicone Intake Tube

1 Silicone Charge Tube

1 Adjustable clutch kit (Weights and Springs)

1 DynoJet PV3 Tuner


***Notice*** Some models Pro XP use a different oil drain tube, this turbocharger is designed for the O Ring style oil drain tube. Polaris Part Number: 2206962