Polaris Patriot Boost Silencer w/ Meal Cooker

$ 399.99

Introducing the Silber Turbos Exhaust Muffler Can for the Polaris 850 Patriot Boost, a game-changing enhancement for your turbo sled that combines performance, style, and ease of use. Unleash the full potential of your machine with this meticulously crafted exhaust upgrade that not only sheds over 8lbs from the OEM muffler but also transforms your riding experience.

Crafted from premium stainless steel with a sleek aluminum heatshield, this muffler can is a testament to both durability and aesthetics. The perforated exhaust core ensures a resonant, deep sound that not only announces your presence on the trail but also maximizes exhaust flow for peak performance.

But that's not all – included with the Silber Turbos Exhaust Muffler Can is the innovative Meal Cooker, adding a unique touch to your ride. Easily removable, the Meal Cooker can be unbolted if you prefer a different setup, providing you with the flexibility to customize your sled's configuration.

Whether you're a seasoned rider or just entering the world of turbo sleds, this upgrade is designed to impress. Shedding over 8lbs, the lightweight construction contributes to improved agility and responsiveness on the snow. The installation process is a breeze, taking just minutes to complete, ensuring you spend more time on the trail and less time in the garage.

Compatible with both stock and tuned Patriot Boost Models, the Silber Turbos Exhaust Muffler Can represents an unbeatable value for the discerning rider. Elevate your snowmobile's performance, let it breathe better, and revel in the enhanced exhaust note that announces your arrival. Upgrade your ride with the Silber Turbos Exhaust Muffler Can – where form meets function for an unparalleled riding experience.

    Please download your install instructions here.