Polaris Patriot Boost Billet Throttle Body Boot

$ 379.99

Introducing the Patriot Boost Billet Intake Manifold – your ultimate solution for enhanced performance and unbeatable durability on the trail & in the mountains. Crafted from high-quality 6061 Aluminum, this is a direct replacement for OEM PN # 5417730 and ensures that cracked and leaking intakes are a thing of the past. 

The Polaris engineering team designed the throttle body adapter in a way that is all but guaranteed to tear and fail over time. We have personally seen this in our fleet of test sleds as well as customers sleds on the hill hence we went to the drawing board to correct the engineering flaw while adding performance through optimization of airflow to the reeds. This will clean up engine performance, maximize reed petal durability and ensure you never have a boost leak from this area again.

The Silber Patriot Boost Billet Intake Manifold features a state-of-the-art Triple O-Ring Design, guaranteeing a secure and reliable seal without the need for messy silicone applications. Say goodbye to time-consuming garage sessions and hello to uninterrupted riding pleasure.

We strongly suggest upgrading this part before your next trip into the mountains. Nothing ruins a day quicker than a torn throttle body adapter, and there is no quick or temporary fix that one can utilize. 

The Patriot Boost Billet Intake Manifold is your ticket to worry-free riding and elevated engine performance.

Symptoms of a torn throttle body adapter:

  • No compressor surge when letting off throttle
  • Low or no boost
  • Spikes to high boost but won't hold that pressure
  • Laggy and lazy feeling motor
  • Again, we strongly encourage all Patriot Boost riders to install this part prior to failure. Its not a matter of "if" but "when". 

Fits all MY Polaris Patriot boost models from 2022-2024