Harley Davidson Mid Length 2-1 Bagger Touring Exhaust 2017+ M8 107 114 117

$ 699.99

Elevate your Harley-Davidson journey with the Harley Davidson Mid Length 2-1 Bagger Exhaust, now available at the special price of $699.99.

Unleash the full potential of your 2017+ Harley-Davidson M8 107, 114, or 117 with this meticulously designed exhaust upgrade. Here's why it's a must-have for your beloved motorcycle:

Performance Enhancement: Experience unmatched performance gains with our 2-1 Bagger Exhaust. The impeccably Tig-welded 2:1 merge collector ensures optimal airflow, boosting your bike's horsepower and torque. Feel a substantial acceleration increase, empowering you to confidently conquer the open road.

Rich, Resonant Sound: The Mid Length Bagger Exhaust produces a deep, resonant tone that perfectly complements the iconic Harley-Davidson brand. Not only will you turn heads, but you'll also make a bold statement wherever your ride takes you.

Durable Construction: Crafted from full stainless steel, this exhaust system is built to endure the challenges of the road. Its TIG-welded construction guarantees durability, ensuring long-lasting performance in various conditions. The mandrel-bent tubing, ranging from 1.75" to 2", ensures optimal flow and efficiency.

Effortless Installation: Say goodbye to lengthy garage sessions. Our package includes bag mounts, mounting hardware, new gaskets, and exhaust springs, making installation a breeze. You'll be back on the road in no time, enjoying the enhanced performance and sound.

Exquisite Finish and Customization: The Mid Length Bagger Exhaust features a stainless steel brush finish, adding an elegant touch to your motorcycle's appearance. Elevate your style further with two sets of heat shields and two exhaust tips, allowing customization to your liking. Receive one set of shields in black and one in brushed stainless, along with one black exhaust tip and one polished exhaust tip.

Compatibility: Perfectly tailored for 2017-2023 Harley-Davidson FLH/FLT/CVO/Special/Limited/ST M8 models and 2023+ CVO VVT Models.

Upgrade your Harley-Davidson today with the Harley Davidson Mid Length 2-1 Bagger Exhaust. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to transform your ride for only $699.99. Act now and let your Harley roar like never before!