Can AM X3 Blow Off Valve Reliability Kit

$ 85.00


The Can Am Turbo X3 has no blow off valve from the factory, this will drastically reduce the life expectancy of the turbocharger. Adding the Silber Turbos Silicone Charge Tube & blow off valve prevents turbo surge when you let off the throttle.

What is "turbo surge"? When the throttle plate closes under boost, there is now a pressure imbalance between the charge tube and the compressor wheel. As we know from 11th grade physics, pressure will equalize, in this case going back through the turbo. This creates compressor surge, where the wheel is "stalled", and an incredible amount of turbulence through the center section. This turbulence will cause premature bearing failure, as well as performance problems. 

This kit comes with a new silicone charge tube complete with adjustable blow off valve. The BOV is tuned to open when the driver lifts off, keeping pressure from going back through the turbo. 

Fits all 2017-2019 Can Am Maverick X3 / XDS / XDS Max / XRS / XRS Max

Kit includes an adjustable Billet Blow off Valve, Silicone Charge Tube Hose, Manifold Vacuum Port, Clamps and a Filter to prevent dust and dirt intrusion.