Can Am Turbo X3 Light Switch Barry Intercooler Upgrade (172HP models 17-21) #callyourmomma

$ 200.00 $ 499.00

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This intercooler offers incredible charge air cooling when compared to the stock intercooler. We have seen our charge temps drop upwards of 60 degrees in summer conditions. This intercooler allows for much bigger boost numbers on 91 pump gas with more aggressive engine mapping (no need to retard timing as much). Those looking to push big boost this is a "must" upgrade. Those looking for more modest gains will still find this product to be beneficial to both performance and motor longevity.
  • Tested to 65psi
  • Retains cover from OEM intercooler
  • 58% larger than OEM intercooler
  • High volume plus a 10" fan moves 1150 CFM (~400 CFM more than stock)
  • Part number 707800613 
  • Fits 2017-2021 172hp models.