Arctic Cat M 8000 Mountain Cat & Alpha Turbo Kit 2018-2023

$ 3,750.00

Due to material pricing and availability concerns we are changing up our snow check program a little to ensure you have your kits well before the snow flys. To secure todays pricing and ensure availability next winter we have already placed larger material orders than ever. This has helped us keep the price down but also means that we had to eliminate the traditional deposit program. We cannot take a deposit for something delivered 6 months from now given the current supply chain constraints. Snowchecked kits this season must be paid in full and will ship as soon as they are ready. This Snowcheck Program includes a free reflash cable and your kit will be delivered prior to Halloween. We expect to have many of the kits shipped and on your shelves this summer. Snowcheck pricing will remain active until May 23rd. All snow check kits are built to order and in the event of cancellation our standard 25% restocking fee will apply 


2022 Changes

  • Revised engine mapping; The latest tune has improved bottom end & throttle response in low and high wastegate configurations. 
  • Revised clutch configuration. 

***Kit is only compatible with 2018+ Arctic Cat 800s*** We do not have a kit for pre 18 sleds or other displacements. Sorry!

Attention: Customers looking for clutch and reflash tools to 100% do the install in your own garage check here

Kit Information

We are proud to release our Arctic Cat kit complete with our tried and true ECU Reflash (no control box) for true pull-and-go OEM like performance. This kit is for all 800cc CTEC2 Arctic cat sleds from 2018 on forward. 

This is the first and only kit for the Arctic Cat brand to harness the power of the sled's stock engine management with a custom Silber map to control for fueling requirements. This means the sled reacts to the turbo just like it would if it were installed at the factory. No tuning. Just pull the cord and ride. The sled will adapt to changes in elevation, temperature and running conditions just like if it were a stock snowmobile. 

Kit is adjustable from 3-10psi. Boost, as with all Silber kits, is a byproduct of octane you have available. Horsepower gains from 30-100+.. This thing is a BEAST! 

 As always, financing is available! 

**For those wondering we will not be offering an external wastegate variant for the Arctic Cat. There are a number of reasons for this, but in the end, the performance of this kit on the CTEC-2 motor was so close to the external variety we cannot see a difference on the dyno or in the mountains. We are all about saving customer's money when appropriate. This is one of those situations!


Kit Highlights

  • Fueling: We introduced our proprietary ECU reflash on the 4th generation Pro RMK kit and have further refined it for the Arctic Cat CTEC2. Reflashing the sled's stock ECU with a custom map specific to our turbo kit is the game changing technology that has brought turbo reliability and performance to never before seen levels. With the Silber kit there is no monkeying around with control boxes or worrying about punching buttons as you change elevation, temperature, snow conditions or even boost levels. Our custom, dynamic map brings multiple variables into account and adjusts parameters to keep your sled running without a hiccup and without touching a thing. Pull. Go. Have fun. 
  • Elevation: This kit will run at sea level all the way to the tallest mountain you can point it at (been tested to 13,000). As with any turbo system, lower elevation will require lower boost for the same octane. Higher elevation can run more boost for a given octane. 
  • Engine Protection:  We are the only manufacturer that has the capability to turn the oil pump up to allow your engine proper lubrication while running a turbo. As additional fuel and air is run through the motor, oil demand is heightened. The stock ECU is designed to lessen oiling as air thins out (you rise in elevation and theoretically load drops). Our propriety tuning software allows us to increase oil volume regardless of air pressure to provide adequate protection for the engine. Remember, pre mixing gas is not an option with these fuel injected motors as the lubrication via fuel will make it to the key areas of the motor. 
  • Turbo: The heart of any turbo kit is the turbo setup itself. Our kit includes an internal wastegate ceramic ball bearing turbo specific to the 800cc two stroke engine size This means you'll build boost quickly, smoothly and keep your turbo spooled incredibly well when on/off the throttle in tighter more technical terrain. 
  • No Cut Installation: Our system is designed to quickly install without modification of the sled. Our exhaust system is constructed of 304 SS and fully polished. The system was designed to enhance performance while minimizing noise. The exhaust exits the OEM location in the belly pan allowing for simple installation. 
  • Silicone Charge air is fed to the engine through a custom molded silicone charge tube. We use custom silicone because it’s the smoothest flowing, doesn’t conduct heat like aluminum and allows for an OEM like fit.
  • Intake: The intake air is routed to the turbocharger through plastic cold air intake. The custom high impact modular pllastic intake is feather light and adapts seamlessly to the OEM hood. This allows for cold air to be drawn through the stock hood vents.
Installation Guide