Arctic Cat Catalyst 600 CTEC Turbo Kit

$ 3,500.00

Transform your Catalyst 600 into a powerhouse with Silber Turbos' latest bolt-on turbo kit designed for this thrilling new platform. Elevate your sled's performance in the backcountry with a swift spooling turbo employing our trusted GT ball bearing technology and a Turbosmart external wastegate actuator. Experience instant throttle response and seamless transition into boost with our proprietary intake bypass valve. Our all-inclusive kit ensures a comprehensive turbocharging solution for your snowmobile, complete with an ECU reflash for tuning and clutching components tailored specifically for this setup.

The kit comprises top-quality components, including a GT2860 Turbocharger with a V Band turbine housing, a Turbosmart 40mm external wastegate actuator, stainless steel tig welded exhaust parts, silicone charge tube, quick spool bypass valve, airbox, intake adapter, block-off plate, 3 bar map sensor, various wastegate springs, ECU reflash cable, clutching components, and ECU tuning accommodating both pump and race gas setups. Count on us for all the necessary installation hardware.

Silber Turbos stands at the forefront of aftermarket turbo kits globally, having delivered over 10,000 kits and boasting unparalleled expertise and experience in the field. Justin and the team are thrilled to unveil this cutting-edge turbo kit, confident that it will bring joy and heightened performance to our esteemed customers' snowmobiling adventures.


Kit Includes the following components:


1. GT2860 Turbocharger with V Band turbine housing and blow off valve compressor cover.

2. Turbosmart 40mm external wastegate actuator.

3. Stainless steel tig welded exhaust components.

4. Silicone charge tube and inlet turbo.

5. Quick spool bypass valve.

6. Airbox

7. Intake adapter, and block off plate.

8. 3 bar map sensor

9. 3, 5, and 7 psi wastegate springs.

10. Ecu reflash cable.

11. Clutching components.

12. Ecu tuning for pump or race gas setups.

13. All necessary installation hardware.