Air Bypass Valve

$ 145.00

Introducing the Silber Turbos Air Bypass Valve – Unleash Your Turbocharged Performance!

When it comes to boosting the performance of your Silber Turbo Kit, the Silber Turbos Air Bypass Valve is the game-changer you've been waiting for. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your Polaris Axys 800, Polaris Axys 850, Polaris Matryx 850, Arctic Cat 800 Ascender, Skidoo, or Lynx 850, this innovative valve is the key to unlocking the full potential of your machine. Elevate your riding experience and overcome the challenges of deep snow with this remarkable addition to your setup.

Key Features:

  1. Enhanced Throttle Response: Silber Turbos Air Bypass Valve is engineered to improve bottom-end throttle response. By strategically allowing extra air to flow into your engine before the turbo spools up, you'll experience an instantaneous surge of power, putting you in control of your ride like never before.

  2. Beat the Bog: Deep snow is no longer an obstacle when your vents get plugged with snow. Our Air Bypass Valve provides the solution you've been seeking. Say goodbye to frustrating bogging issues and maintain peak performance even in the most challenging conditions.

  3. Debris and Snow Protection: We understand the demands of the trail, which is why each Silber Turbos Air Bypass Valve comes equipped with a frog-skin cover. This protective shield ensures debris and snow are kept at bay, preserving the integrity of your turbocharged system and enhancing its longevity.

  4. Smart Vacuum Activation: Our valves are vacuum-activated, ensuring they remain dormant and do not draw in warm air when it's not needed. They only kick into action when your engine requires that extra surge of air, making them both efficient and responsive.

Now, let's break it down for your specific machine:

For Polaris Axys 800: You'll need one Silber Turbos Air Bypass Valve to boost your cold air intake. Say goodbye to lag and hello to immediate power at your fingertips.

For Polaris Axys 850: Three valves are your ticket to exceptional performance – one for your cold air intake and two for the airbox. You'll be in complete command of your ride.

For Polaris Matryx 850: Just like the Axys 850, three valves are what you need to maximize your machine's potential. One for cold air intake, two for the airbox. Take on any challenge with confidence.

For Arctic Cat 800 Ascender: Equip your machine with two valves for the airbox, and watch your Ascender conquer the trails with ease.

For Skidoo / Lynx 850: Optimize your Skidoo or Lynx 850 with two valves for the airbox. Experience a new level of control and power.

The Silber Turbos Air Bypass Valve is the missing link in your quest for turbocharged excellence. Say goodbye to sluggish starts and bogging issues, and embrace the instant power and control you've always wanted. Elevate your riding experience with Silber Turbos. Get yours today and witness the difference!