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Dollar for dollar, Silber is offering top shelf performance and entry level turbo pricing. Anyone looking to add real horsepower to their sled really out to look no further than a turbo kit, and the Silber kit is one of the cleanest, easiest going products on the market.

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  • aj1180 regarding Pro RMK - I have a sled built by Cory and it rips. Absolutely pull and go. I'd buy from him again no questions asked.
  • skibreeze - My new external wastegate Silber kit was killing it this weekend in the super deep stuff! So much fun!!!!!!
  • Standup06 - This is a great kit for anyone looking to boost your Polaris. It doesn't seem to have any turbo lag, and pulls like crazy....I am very pleased with my Silber kit. It never once let me down in 3 weeks of riding every day.
  • Wheel House Motorsports - flat out the best running kits I have ever rode. the reflashed setup flat runs day in and day out.
  • AK FullThrottle - Love my reflash (Silber setup).

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