Arctic Cat Silber Turbo Kit Blow Off Valve Upgrade

$ 225.00


Introducing our upgraded Blow Off Valve kit meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate with all Arctic Cat CTEC 800 Silber Turbo Kits. Elevate your turbocharged experience with our kit, featuring a cutting-edge compressor cover equipped with an integrated blow off valve.

Experience the advantages of our blow off valve technology that recirculates boost energy back into the turbocharger's inlet every time you release the throttle. This continuous process ensures optimal turbo spooling and enhances off-throttle responsiveness. Say goodbye to boost spikes and over revs with our blow off valve, promoting a smoother operation when aggressively manipulating the throttle.

Included in the kit are essential components for a hassle-free installation:

  • 1x Compressor cover with integrated blow off valve
  • 1x Hose installation kit

Noteworthy is the reference hose that establishes a vital connection from the blow off valve to the idle air control valve, completing the package for a comprehensive and enhanced performance upgrade. Elevate your ride with our Blow Off Valve kit, designed to maximize the potential of your Arctic Cat CTEC 800 Silber Turbo Kit.