Ski-Doo Gen 5 850 Factory Turbo Performance Package

$ 950.00 $ 1,050.00

Unleash the full potential of your Ski-Doo Gen5 850 Factory Turbo with our high-performance upgrade package. While it's undeniably a powerhouse straight out of the box, there's a world of untapped power waiting to be harnessed with our aftermarket parts and precision-engineered enhancements. This kit promises to elevate your sled's performance to new heights, ensuring it not only keeps up but surpasses the competition.

The heart of this upgrade lies in our meticulously crafted package that enhances throttle response and spool time. Choose between our Stage 1 and Stage 2 tunes, each meticulously designed to deliver a tailored boost to your riding experience.

Package Includes:

1. Performance Exhaust: Elevate your ride with our Lightweight Exhaust specially designed for the new G5. Stay tuned for additional options coming after the new year, promising even more ways to fine-tune your sled's performance.

2. Performance Flashes: Take control with customizable tuning options. Choose between the +10 and +20 HP flashes, allowing you to seamlessly switch between power levels. Flash back and forth as many times as you like, including returning to stock settings if the need arises.

3. Reflash Cable: Enjoy the convenience of tuning from the comfort of your own home or shop. Our reflash cable enables you to modify your sled's performance using any Windows-based PC or laptop with an internet connection. Effortlessly switch between a modest +10 HP tune for everyday rides and cranking up the boost after a major snowfall.

4. Adjustable High-Performance Clutch Kit: Maximize your sled's power transfer with our state-of-the-art clutch kit. Our kit outperforms stock configurations while offering easy adjustments to the ramp configuration, accommodating varying boost levels. Complete with a custom helix, primary and secondary springs, and adjustable ramps featuring pivot bolts and washers, this kit ensures that every ounce of power is efficiently delivered to the ground.

Don't settle for stock when you can push the boundaries of performance with our Ski-Doo Gen5 850 Factory Turbo upgrade package. Elevate your snowmobiling experience and leave the competition in the powder!

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