Garrett GT2560 Ball Bearing Polaris RZR Turbocharger Upgrade

$ 1,950.00

Its finally here!!! The Garrett ball bearing turbocharger upgrade for your RZR XP Turbo, Pro XP, and Turbo R. We use a Genuine Garrett dual ball bearing turbocharger, which fits in our custom made stainless steel turbine housing. This allows a bolt on installation which will use all your OEM heat shields. Turbocharger is also water cooled and comes with fittings and hoses. Replace your worn out journal bearing turbo with a true Garrett high performance turbocharger today. This turbocharger also comes with a new silicone cold air intake tube to fit the large 3" compressor inlet.Ā 

šŸš€ Upgrade Your Polaris RZR XPT & PRO XP with Silber Turbos' Garrett Ball Bearing Turbochargers!

Looking to take your Polaris RZR to the next level? Look no further! Our Garrett ball bearing turbochargers for the RZR XPT and PRO XP are flying off the shelves, and here's why they're the best choice in the industry:

šŸŒŸ Garrett Turbochargers: What sets Garrett apart is their long-standing reputation for precision engineering and high-performance turbochargers. When it comes to boosting your RZR's power, you want the very best, and that's Garrett.

šŸ”µ Ball Bearing vs. Journal Bearing: Our turbochargers feature ball bearings, offering improved durability, faster response times, and reduced friction. This means quicker spooling, enhanced throttle response, and an overall better driving experience.

šŸ”§ Direct Replacement: No need to fret about complicated installations. Our turbochargers are designed as a direct replacement for your OEM unit, retaining all heatshields and oil lines. It's a hassle-free upgrade!

šŸ’§ Oil and Water Cooled: Our turbochargers are both oil and water cooled, which means they can handle the heat and maintain consistent performance. The combination of oil and water cooling offers superior thermal management compared to oil-cooled turbos, ensuring longevity and reliability.

šŸ’² Amazing Deal: These turbochargers are now available for just $1950! Don't miss out on this fantastic deal to give your RZR the power it deserves.Ā 


Genuine Garrett GT2560 Dual Ball Bearing Turbocharger

Stainless Steel Exhaust Housing

Increased AR ratio 'Compressor and Exhaust'

Wastegate Actuator

Comes complete ready to bolt on.


Purchase, install, and ride.

Capable of over 350 HP!!!