BRP Ryker Performance Flash (ECU mail in; +8HP)

$ 249.00

Those looking for the best performance modification for their BRP Ryker, this is your best bang for the buck. You remove the stock engine control unit (ECU), mail it to us, and we remap it with a performance oriented tune. We've been doing this for a decade in the snowmobile world with legendary results. 

  • Increase in horsepower (we've seen up to +8HP on the 900, +5.5HP on the 600)
  • Increase in bottom end torque.
  • Better throttle response.

If you buy this, mail your ECU to...

          Silber Service
            19139 State 34
            Park Rapids,  MN  56470
            United States

Please put your order number, return address and make/model/year on a sheet in the box.