2022- 2023 Polaris Matryx 850 Turbo Kit - Internal Wastegate Model

$ 3,000.00


The supply shortage of Covid sent us back to the drawing board. The normal components featured in our kits were not readily available and our customers wanted boost. We designed a kit around the components available and were able to bring it at a lower price point. The kits were extremely popular for their tame and linear power that many liked. For 2024, we built a production run of these and once they are gone we will be returning to our standard external waste gate kits. Like other platforms, we are offering the kit in an intercooled and non intercooled configuration. 


  • Internal wastegate 2860 ceramic ball bearing turbo
  • No cut fast & clean installation
  • Multiple tunes for multiple applications via our remote reflash
  • Pricing that saves you thousands while more than keeping up with the $20K+ factory option.

Those looking for clutch & reflash tools to be able to install the kit in your own garage you can find them here