Ski Doo G4 850 TURBO Muffler Silencer w/ Cooker

$ 249.99

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Dollar for dollar this is the best physical modification you can do to your Ski-Doo 850 Turbo. The Silber Turbo silencer (muffler) drops 10 pounds, frees up the flow of exhaust, sounds better and ensures you'll have a tasty lunch come noon. What other product cooks for you?!

This upgrade is a must if you plan on tuning your ecu over a stage 1 (check out our tunes here). The stock silencer is too restrictive and can cause excessive back pressure and heat which can lead to reliability issues. 



  • Stainless Steel constuction and TIG welded
  • Bolt on Installation (literally takes minutes)
  • Meal Cooker Option
  • Saves over 10lbs of weight
  • Deep low tone ( Not much louder than the OEM muffler)
  • Can use with stock map. However this is a "Must have" upgrade when running over Stage 1 ecu tuning