Like many of our customers, COVID-19 has impacted the way Silber Turbos does business. As of 1-December, we have chosen to shut down all manufacturing and shipping until approximately 15-Dec. This was not something we entered into lightly nor easily, but the latest surge has impacted our local community as well as our supply chain. To best deal with this, we are shutting down all shop-based activities for the next two weeks. We will still be offering technical support and remote reflash assistance. If you ordered a kit, don't dispair, we aim to get everything caught up as soon as humanly possible. 

I'm sure a number of you are asking "why". The answer to this is simple. Without our supply chain pumping raw materials into the shop, we aren't able to be efficient with our crew. Our crew is the life blood of the company, and we can't risk an outbreak within the shop when the supply chain does open back up (which appears to be in the next week or two). 

What we didn't want to have happen is the raw materials show up but our team be infected, further delaying things. we are taking our medicine and aiming to deal with this as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We sincerely appreciate our customers standing by us in this tough time and look forward to a great winter.


The Silber Crew